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Where To Save Money in 2021?

With everything that’s happened in 2020 it’s fair to say many of us won’t take anything for granted for a while. This also includes regular income for many. Even with the governments help during the tough times this year many people still experienced a drop in income.

For many of us we had to tighten the belt money wise and cut costs. Some areas like eating out and holidays were taken away from us. But still we had more meals to make at home and probably a larger food bill.  As we are still living in uncertain times and 2021 has arrived, we thought we would help with some suggestions and areas you could maybe save money.


Who doesn’t love a takeaway at the weekend? Or even a cheeky pizza midweek. However, with a family of 4 the cost can soon add up.  We know it can be nice to enjoy a treat and not have to cook but if the aim is to save money then sadly these have to become less frequent.

All is not lost however as the new trend of fakeaways is booming. People making copies of their favourite delivered dish. Homemade curries can be almost as tasty as your delivered ones. And they only cost a fraction of the price. You could even buy the sides from the supermarket cheap and just make fresh the curry. Pizzas too are so easy to make and kids love making their own. They can use their own ideas for toppings and it makes for a fun activity too.

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Utility Bills

This can be hard to achieve but if all the family chip in a little then it can make a difference. If the house feels a little cold then instead of turning up the heating maybe encourage people to wear a jumper. A better quality quilt that’s thicker and heavier in the winter means you will be warmer at night.

Keep your water bills in check by maybe having more showers then baths. A shower uses considerably less water then a bath so maybe limit baths to once a week.

When choosing meals maybe choose ones that don’t require long cooking times on the stove so less gas is used. If you need to boil something then heat up the water in a kettle first to save time and gas.


Here in the UK we throw away far too many items of clothing which are perfectly adequate.  Lets be honest if we are just lounging round the house nobody really cares if a jumper has a hole in it. Same for walks out, old clothes are perfect for when you don’t mind getting muddy or having a few rips or tears from climbing field gates etc.

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TV Channels

If you have the full works for Sky and other channels then it won’t be cheap. Chances are also you won’t watch all the channels you need. Consider swapping to a Free view box. Yes you get less channels but the choices are still quite large.

If you’re a big sports fan then consider pausing your sports subscription during the close season to save a few pennies.  Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have thousands of TV shows and films to watch. They also come at a fraction of the price of other TV  channel providers.

Food Bills

During the pandemic many people discovered a love of cooking. Hopefully this trend has been continued.  Cooking from scratch is also great for destressing. The cost nowadays of fresh vegetables is low with onions costing pence.  You can make great meals for very little. What’s more you can save even more money by bulk cooking and freezing meals too. There are hundreds of websites online all showing you what to cook and saving you money.


During the pandemic we were not allowed to visit attractions and go on holiday. This meant we had to resort to wondering around our local areas.  Normally days out cost a small fortune, tickets, food, petrol costs etc. The great outdoors is free so why not pack a picnic and head off for the day. Drive somewhere then walk around a new location. Discover new treks and routes like on the canal. There are hundreds of websites that show you clear pathways and walking routes, maybe stop off for a coffee on the way at a little café shop.

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Not so much saving money but making some. Why not use the time to sell your old items. You’d be surprised at what people buy online at auction sites. You could make it a family activity with all hands on deck and little ones earning pocket money for helping.


If your mortgage is able to be remortgaged then you should consider this as a major way to save money in 2021. Please be aware that you need to look at all options here.

Here at Mortgage Squared we can help you every step of the way. You could save £100’s a month just by remortgaging.

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