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Have you insured your family and their lively-hood?

With what is happening in the world, can you afford not to?

You have an insurance policy – your family feel peace of mind.

If you don’t have insurance – what is going to happen?

Life doesn’t stop, it has momentum and with that comes change. The world is changing every single day in a way that we couldn’t have foreseen. This is most likely going to affect your personal and financial circumstances along the way.

It is always a good thing to take a look at all aspects of your finances and this includes reviewing your protection insurance. Reviewing this will allow you to see whether your policy provides adequate cover for your changing needs.

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If you were unfortunately taken ill by Covid-19 and had to go into hospital would things would be ok?

If you currently have no insurance?

  • Would the bills be paid?
  • Are your family going be taken care of?
  • Will there be a regular income to fall back on?

When looking at insurance, whether that’s a new policy or an existing one, you may find these tips useful –

Being under insured

Purchasing your protection and then leaving it to gather dust isn’t a smart move when it comes to protecting you and your family. We forget that life continuously changes and that by reviewing your insurance you will always be one step ahead of whether your insurance is enough cover.

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Let’s imagine that you took out a life insurance policy covering for a certain amount. Over the years your circumstances would have naturally changed. You may have had children, which could have resulted in your buying a bigger home.  You may then have had to get a larger mortgage.  The pay out that your family would receive if you unfortunately died would no longer be sufficient to sustain their lifestyle.


Leaving better policies on the table

Like all industries, the insurance industry has evolved over time. Newer policies can better cover you for your needs and you can purchase more extensive cover. It is always worth having a look around or approaching a protection advisor to help you.

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Getting the right insurance

Here at Protection Squared we care about the cover that you have and whether it covers you correctly. We have experienced advisors that have ditched the jargon and have a more human approach to insurance. We understand the consequences of not having the right insurance in place should the worst happen. If you are in need to have a chat with one of our advisors, then give us a call on 08081 551 807 or take a look at our website

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