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Not many things are as exciting as when you start to look for a new home, be it your first one or you are upgrading.  The potential, possibilities and hours spent visualising your perfect dream home can soon mount up.

We know house buying can also be stressful but that initial feeling when you have made the decision to actively look is exciting indeed.  Hours spent online searching the various property selling websites and the endless drives around (areas you like) just incase something new has come up on the market.

You probably have a very good idea on what you are looking for already, hours spent discussing with your partner if it’s a joint purchase, or maybe even the family if you have children about what you would like in your new home.

Nobody likes to compromise and a house purchase is one of the biggest things you can make in your lifetime, so it’s a good idea carefully think about what areas you may have to potentially compromise due to budget or simply the amount or standard of homes on the market in your chosen areas.

You probably already have an idea on what you want to prioritise and what you would compromise on but we thought we’d put together a quick brief on some ideas and what you might want in your new home.


You probably already know how many bedrooms you want however it’s always good to have one spare if budget allows. We never know what the future holds plus it’s handy having a home office especially with the pandemic and todays fragile work situation.

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Children might have to return and having a spare room for a few days or weeks is handy. Spare rooms also make ideal walk in wardrobes too and what lady won’t say no to a dresser and make up desk.

Living Space:

You spend most of your time at home in the kitchen and living room so it makes sense to prioritise this area when looking at a new home.  The larger the area the better and having ample space to entertain and throw parties is a big plus.

If you are a young growing family then the more space the better, nothing worse then being under each other’s feet at meal times. We would advise not to compromise on this area as it’s where you will spend most of your time so it makes sense try have as much space as possible.

Dining Room:

If you entertain a lot or have family meals a dining area is a fantastic addition if you find an ideal home with one that fits all your other criteria.  Dining tables are an ideal place for a busy family to come together at least once a day. With breakfast tables becoming more and more fashionable in the kitchen the humble dining area and dining table may becoming forgotten however we disagree and you can’t beat a good old fashioned dining area.

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If you have an open plan kitchen with enough room for a dining table then this could be a good compromise.  People love to entertain and having a dedicated area to do so is a welcome addition to any home.


One of the major things we look for when looking at new homes is garden or outdoor space. We all fantasise about long lazy summer days by the barbecue in the sunshine, children playing and family and loved ones visiting.

When it does happen it’s amazing however the reality is with the British weather it happens less then we like to admit.  The larger the garden the more upkeep you need to do also and nothing is worse then a large garden that’s been left unattended and has grown out and gone wild.

It can be tricky to find a property at a certain budget that has both large indoor living space and a large garden, these two areas are where you may have to compromise. You spend more time in your home in the living areas then outside so if it does come down to a choice between the 2 in terms of prioritising then always chose indoor space over outdoor space.


Nothing is worse then having to fight to park outside your own home, indeed many a neighbourly dispute has started over parking issues and rights.  As more and more families now become multiple car owners the demand for parking spaces has increased on each street in the UK.

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Having your own driveway is one way of overcoming all of this potential stress. However not all homes are lucky enough to have their own driveways. In which case when viewing the property you need to take notice of the parking situation. Nothing wrong with every now and then having a drive to the property you are interested in to check out the parking situation at certain times of the day.


Most new builds nowadays come with the master bedroom having an en-suite as standard and if you have a family then this will come in very handy. Nothing worse then in the morning waiting for the family bathroom to become free.

Having your own en-suite takes away any potential for arguing over who’s next!  If you are a busy family then an en-suite should not be one area you compromise in.  Many larger new builds now come with en-suites for every room too but this does depend on your budget.

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