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First Time Buyers. 

We can take you through the process from start to finish. Making sure we answer all your questions and you fully understand all facts and figures. We specialise in first time buyer mortgages so can make sure we find you the best deals from the market to suit your requirements. We understand the first time you jump on the property ladder it can be daunting and we can help guide you all the way from the initial enquiry to picking up the keys to your new home.

We can help you with your first time buyer mortgage no matter what your financial circumstances and your credit rating. We have access to the latest schemes and can work with whatever deposits you have saved up to use. We can offer impartial advice and make sure your new mortgage is affordable.



When the time comes to remortgage we can help. We offer free and impartial advice so you can be sure to get the latest deals and rates. Switching mortgages can seem daunting and complicated but we are here to make it simple. You could end up paying less per month and saving thousands in interest payments by simple switching mortgages if you are out of any locked in period.

You could raise money when you remortgage too to help with any large purchases you are considering.  Especially if your home has increased in value during your mortgage term.  Perhaps you want to pay off some debt and consolidate your debts in which case re-mortgaging could help with this also. Maybe your circumstances have changed and you can afford to pay less or more in which case we can help with this also.

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Buy to Let. 

Purchasing a property to rent out to earn an income could be a good move investment wise. There are hundreds of buy to let mortgages out there and choosing the right one for your needs can seem daunting. This is where we can help, making sure you understand all the payment figures and costings so you get a clear picture of your finances with your new buy to let mortgage.

Getting the most from your investment from day one is vitally important and our free guidance will ensure you choose the right options.  Why not use our free buy to let calculator to work out your rental yield. We can also help with holiday home purchases that you intend to rent out too.


Self Employed.

Long gone are the days where if you are self employed you might struggle to get a mortgage. It might be not as straight forward as a normal mortgage application from someone employed but the market is still just as big and with hundreds of schemes available you can still get a good deal.  We can help with what documents you need and take care of everything from start to completion.

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Good news is the market for self-employed mortgages is a lot bigger then it used to be, with schemes for all available. You don’t need a larger deposit then a normal mortgage this is just a myth. You can also get access to mortgage schemes from the mainstream lenders too so you won’t be stuck with high APR lenders.


Help to Buy.

The Government has a scheme to help and encourage people to get on the property ladder. Lending you up to 20% (40% in London) of the cost of your newly built home.  You only need a 5% deposit also. There are no loan fees on the Government loan for the first 5 years of owning your home.

This is an excellent way to get on the property ladder. We have extensive experience with this type of scheme and can advise you all the way from start to finish. This scheme is available until 2021 so you still have plenty of time to apply if you are eligible. We can help you plan your application and even find your home.  Don’t delay as 2021 is approaching fast so be sure to get started with your applications straight away.


Armed Forces Help to Buy.

If you are a member of the armed forces then you could be eligible for the forces help to buy scheme.  Often members of the armed forces find it hard to secure a mortgage due to factors out their own hands such as moving around a lot.  You can borrow up to 50% of your salary to a maximum of £25,000 interest free to help with raising a deposit for a mortgage and property.

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You must pay it back before you leave the forces or 10 years. We have knowledge and experience of this and can help advise accordingly.  Once you have your forces help to buy deposit we can then look at all the schemes that will offer you great rates and deals on a new mortgage, helping you secure your property.


Commercial Mortgages.

If you need a commercial mortgage then we can help. These types of mortgages are usually on a business property or they can be a loan secured on a property which is not your residence.  Business loans tend to be up to £25,000 so once you start borrowing higher amounts lenders need security, usually in the form of commercial property. Some lenders will not lend less then £75,000 as it’s not viable at amounts less then this.

Each loan, mortgage and case is unique so each brings it’s own requirements and we can help with this. We work with a specialist commercial mortgage provider who have extensive knowledge of the market and can offer free and impartial advice. They offer an online service too to help you find the best deal.

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