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Moving Home

Moving home is known as being one of the most stressful experiences in life but also one of the most exciting.  Thousands of people move home every day in the UK, but why?

Below we give you some examples of why people decide to move home.

Need more space:

If you’re a growing family then space can quickly become a distant memory in your home. There is nothing worse then feeling like your are constantly under each others feet.  If your children share a room then you will know there quickly becomes an age at which this is not practical or ideal. Also a growing child of a certain age needs his or hers own space.

A starter home can quickly become too small and that’s when the idea to upgrade starts. Especially if you are thinking of starting a family or adding to it, moving home then becomes part of the long term plan.


More and more people are upgrading their home for no other reason then a better quality of living. Maybe you want a bigger kitchen with open plan dining room to entertain in. Or maybe a larger garden to make the most of the summer days.  Things like garages, cinema rooms, gyms, maybe even a pool are all desirable and may prompt homeowners to upgrade. This is also very true with movers within the pandemic climate.

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Kids Left Home:

There can come a point where your home is too big, especially when kids leave home. Unless you have your eye on a new home gym set up or cinema room then you could have empty rooms spare.  Many homeowners decide to downgrade when this time comes. This can also free up cash too if they buy a smaller home or apartment.  If you simply don’t need the space anymore then selling may be a wise move.

New Job or Career:

Nobody likes commuting, well almost nobody. Spending hours a day on the train or in the car can soon get tedious and when you work out how many hours you have spent commuting per week/month or year you may decide to sell up and move closer to where you work. Especially if you have had a promotion and this requires you to move across the country.


If you choose to move in with your partner during a relationship then this may mean you need a new home.  Maybe one of the persons involved decides to sell their home.  On the flip side a relationship break up can often mean someone has to buy a new property for somewhere to live.

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More people are moving to an area where they will be in the catchment area of the preferred choice of schools.  If the parents have a certain school in mind then even selling and moving home becomes part of the plan.  Relocation for education is not uncommon.

Closer To Family:

Sisters, brothers and grandparents are all an essential part of family life, not to mention your direct parents.  Moving home to be closer to loved ones is fairly common. Especially when it comes to grandkids seeing their grandparents. Not forgetting the importance of having babysitters readily available.  As families grow and extend generations spending time together becomes even more important.

Bad Neighbours:

Sadly this does happen and people move due to simply not getting on with their neighbours which can be stressful. Maybe there has been a dispute over boundaries or noise but having an issue with neighbours that turns sour means it is highly likely one party will simply move.

Running Costs:

If your home is taking up a substantial part of your income then maybe moving home and downsizing is an option.  Smaller bills due to heating a smaller home could be the reason alone to sell and move on. If your income has changed then downsizing might be a solution to your financial worries.

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Income Change:

If you suddenly find yourself with a lower income due to many reasons, new job, split up of marriage etc. Moving home to make your outgoings smaller could be an option. A home run with 2 salaries and incomes might suddenly become unaffordable if now only relying on one income to pay the mortgage and bills.

Fresh Start:

For whatever reason and there could be many some people just decide to sell up and move location for a fresh start.  Maybe a change of scenery and you’ve always dreamed of living by the sea or the airport for a quick getaway.  Maybe where you live has changed and you longer find it desirable.  You might decide to relocate to be happier for whatever reason, closer to family, less commuting, near the sea or countryside etc.

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