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Looking for information on The Future Accomodation Model?


What you need to know about FAM (The Future Accomodation Model)

In September 2019, the MOD decided to pilot a new way of providing living accommodation to personnel and their families. The Ministry of Defense had been looking to improve current accomodation offers for service personnel.

The main aim was to make it fairer and more flexible whilst keeping it affordable for the MOD.

There are 3 FAM pilots currently running and then a decision will be made in 2022 about whether to roll it out across the UK after the pilot is complete. The pilots will run for approx. 3 years.

Personnel on the pilot will receive allowances for an additional three years, or until they are assigned from the pilot site (whichever is the sooner).

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For the most up-to-date information on the FAM pilot, Click HERE What you need to know about the Future Accommodation Model – GOV.UK (



Changes in the FAM policy from July 2021

Feedback from the current participants of the FAM pilot sites have indicated changes that need to happen.

These changes are –

  • You are required to have 12 months left on your posting at the FAM pilot site is reduced to 6 months.
  • Length of service is now 1 year instead of 4.
  • For those at a FAM pilot site who meet the FAM criteria – if you are currently living in SFA and want to move to private rental or your own home you can now claim for a contribution towards the cost of moving for voluntary mid-assignment moves.
  • This is only available within the FAM pilot sites and nowhere else.
  • Any liabilities incurred such as income tax & National Insurance are met by the serving person.
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If you have any questions about the changes email the FAM Cell: EMAIL


Reasons the current accommodation needs to change

The current model –

  • is based mostly on rank, rather than individual needs.
  • does not support how some personnel want to live. Some have had no choice but to opt out of subsidised accomodation.
  • has large overheads. It also has an ever-increasing number of repairs.
  • large number of houses are kept empty to allow personnel to move around.




If you want to browse FAQs about the FAM then here is a link to use your log in details – SIGN IN HERE


Depending on what the feedback is delivered after the 3 years of testing is up will determine what model is rolled out and where.


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