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snow covered house

Selling your house this winter? Want some tips on how to sell faster? Check out our tips below.

When you are wanting to sell your house and the weather is not helping your motivation or the buyers for that matter, then you may need a little helping hand.

With the months of October to March being a tad gloomy, it can make it difficult to sell your house.

Simple home improvements can help you combat the seasonal doom and gloom.

The secret to success is to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. The way to this is to appeal to their warm nature and make them feel at home while the weather outside stays murky and glum.

Often over the New Year it can become easier to sell up as people are looking for a new start. Hopefully with these tips you can sell up and move into your own dream home.

Winter doesn’t need to be a disadvantage

Walking into a warm and inviting house from the cold outdoors is priceless. Warm lighting, comfortable looking throws and pillows and musky scents can all add to the atmosphere.

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Do not leave those DIY jobs

You say DIY and we want to run a mile right? Well, it is time to face the music and create a space that looks up to scratch. Small, niggling DIY jobs may be acceptable for you but you start tallying up these small niggles and it can be off putting for the buyer.

Spend a little time fixing the flaws that make a difference. What may take you a few minutes to fix  for you, it could look to the buyers that they need to overhaul everything. We do not them thinking they have more jobs to do other than just moving in.

It can also give the buyer the thought that there maybe things that can not see that need doing, you will notice more questions from people that feel the small issues may turn into bigger ones.

Think about the smell of your home

I can see your face now. Smell…what smell? Just because you can not smell the over powering scent you just sprayed, candles burning or even pets, does not meant the potential buyers will like it.

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An over powering smell good or bad, can put them off pretty quickly. Everybody has different opinions on smells and what you may love, they may not. If near Christmas, baking something always goes down well. Also you maybe on to a winner if you leave some for them try.


Leading nicely onto pets, some people do not wish to be licked to death by dogs or bothered by cats. Try to keep the pets away while people view your home as not everyone is an animal lover. It may cause them to reconsider if they know a pet lives there as the smell can linger.

Creating the right ambiance

Lighting is always a good idea to look at when showing people your home. Natural light is free obviously so try leaving your curtains and blinds open during the day. Use lamps where this is not possible. You want to give the impression of space and positivity when someone comes into view your home. The dark and gloom can stay outside.

Tackle the garden

When selling your house your buyers will always wants to see the garden, no matter what state it is in. They want to see potential within their new purchase. With this I am not saying completely over haul your garden as this can be expensive but tidying up is a must.

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The garden has the ability to boost the appeal of your property by giving the garden a good tidy up. Even if it snowing, clearing the paths and making sure it is not icy can make the difference.

Selling your house in winter months does not need to be taxing. It can actually work for you instead of against you, if you focus on what would make the buyer feel warm and welcome. Taking away jobs they will need to do later when they move in and making the home look as appealing as you possibly can.

With a little spend you could have your house looking inviting and buyer friendly in no time.

Happy selling and Merry Christmas.

We hope this helps.

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