Mortgage Broker Bournemouth

We have years of experience with all types of mortgage products in Bournemouth and nationwide. We have worked with hundreds of clients from all different financial backgrounds, some with poor credit history and we can find you the best tailor-made solution for your mortgage needs. We work on each case independently as each case is unique and requires a different approach.  Speak to the team of experts here at Mortgage Squared and we can offer a full and comprehensive free quote.

Mortgage Broker

No matter where you are in the UK we can provide expert mortgage broker advice. Even if you are not in Bournemouth we can help find you the best rates and deals for your own specific requirements. We have access to the latest schemes and rates and you get 100% transparency at all times.

Army Help To Buy

If you are in the Army then chances are you have to move around or relocate often with work, you might even be stationed overseas. If so then you might struggle to save up a decent deposit or build up a good credit rating so you can get access to all the better APR rates for mortgages. Fear not as we can help you with the Army help to buy. This is a way you can raise a good deposit so you have more mortgages to choose from and are more likely to get accepted.

Financial Advisor

You might be confused by all the options and schemes available to you and we are here to help. We can advise on everything and guide you through the entire process offering expert advice from financial advisors based in Bournemouth no matter where in the UK you are based.

Mortgage Advisor

If you are looking to buy your first home or upgrade then the first thing you need to do is seek the services of a mortgage advisor. We are based in Bournemouth but can advise on mortgages anywhere in the UK. We have an excellent reputation and we guide you through the entire process from start to completion. We are also experts with military mortgages and we have successfully helped many people with the forces help to buy scheme.

Armed Forces Help To Buy

Have you found your dream home but worried that due to your career you won’t get accepted for a mortgage? If so do not worry as there is a special product available called an armed forces help to buy which basically helps you buy giving you a larger deposit. This is in the form of a loan up to a maximum 50% of your salary. Contact us today for further details on this fantastic product.

Surveyors Bournemouth

We can provide a full and comprehensive surveyor service in Bournemouth and nationwide also thanks to our network of experts.  This will be carried out by a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). You will receive a full building survey and homebuyers report. We can also carry out valuation only surveys.

mortgage broker bournemouth

Mortgage Broker Dorset

We can offer impartial advice and we have access to the latest schemes and rates. When you need a mortgage broker in Dorset we work with you and guide you through every stage. We can answer any questions you may have and we ensure you understand all the rates and repayment figures for the mortgage schemes available to you.

Conveyancing Bournemouth

When you transfer property  from one owner to another you want to make sure the process runs smoothly and does not get delayed by any unseen circumstances. This is why our conveyancing services in Bournemouth are ideal. We ensure there are no nasty surprises on the journey and make the entire process run smoothly.

Military Help To Buy Scheme

Through no fault of your own you can be penalised by mortgage companies if you are in the armed forces for things like spending time out of the country or moving around a lot due to your job. This makes it harder to get on the property ladder  and can be very frustrating. There is something we can do and that is use the military help to buy scheme.  Mortgage Squared have years of experience and actually specialise in this type of mortgage and help. Speak to us today to see how it can help. We also work with many lenders who are happy to work with people in the armed forces and when you combine this with the military help to buy scheme you could soon be moving into your new home.

We are a friendly mortgage broker and mortgage advisor based in Bournemouth and we can guide you all the way when it comes to buying or selling your property. We offer a free initial consolation where we can discuss all your requirements and then advise on the best course of action to move forward.