Moving home

Moving home is one of the most stressful events that we can experience in life, but we still do it. Moving to a new house is such an upheaval, why do so many people do it?

Top reasons why so many people move home:

New job and need a new location
If you get a job that requires you to move closer, then you will need to up sticks and find a new home.
People whose property value increases often move elsewhere to a bigger home for the same price.
In need of more space
Most of the time we buy our homes before we have our children. A one bed flat is a lovely first pad but once a baby arrives, then the next it can become less of a romantic pad and more of a cramped space full of chaos.
No more renting
Some people feel that renting is throwing your money away. Becoming a first-time buyer by investing your money in a place of your own has its advantages.
When relationships break down, the home gets sold and the couple move to different houses or when two single homeowners decide to live together, they sometimes sell their homes and then sometimes buy a new one.
The kids have flown the nest and they decided that moving near the coast seems a better option. Or they have a large house and feel as though they are rattling around it as they get older, their next step is to find somewhere smaller and cosier.
Catchment area for schools
Sometimes parents look for homes that are near good schools to cater for their children’s future.
Being closer to family
Sometimes it is important to some people to be nearer to family.
Health issues
It’s very common for people with mobility issues or other health problems to move. They may need a home without stairs, or a place close to a hospital. Elderly parents who need extra care from their children is also a reason for people moving home.
Change of scenery
Sometimes people just want to live somewhere else. They either want a busier social life or the completely opposite and want to live in the countryside.

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