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Life insurance

What is personal and family protection insurance and why is it important?

Want your FREE GUIDE to life insurance – read on.

If you have a mortgage, people who depend on your income, or you want to protect your lifestyle in the event of an accident or illness protection insurance could help you and your family avoid a financial disaster.

No one wants to think about a world without them in it but its something that needs thinking about.

We have so many clients that ask questions about protection for their family that we created a free life insurance e-book.


Here at Mortgage Squared we have helped clients from all kinds of backgrounds get the right insurance.

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They all come to use for different reasons but the most popular is that they want their family to be supported.


If your income is no longer coming into the house hold, what would this mean for your family?


  • Would they need to leave the family home as well grieve?
  • Would they have to get in debt to afford your funeral?


All outcomes that can send shivers down your spine right?


This is where we come in and get you the RIGHT protection for your needs.


What it does?

Life insurance (sometimes known as life assurance) will pay out either a single lump sum (sum insured) or a regular income when you die.

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It can help provide financial security for people who depend on you, if the worst happens.


Why you might need it?

Although no amount of money can replace a loved one, it can help those left behind to weather the financial storm left in your absence.

For example, it could pay off your mortgage or provide an income to go towards regular household expenditure.


We have created a FREE GUIDE to explain the in’s an out’s of protecting your family. Click HERE to download.


To speak to one of our advisers please ring 08081 551 807.



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