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Serving in the Forces?

Wondering how to go about getting a mortgage that takes your circumstances into consideration?

We have helped many forces personnel and their families secure the right mortgage that reflects their circumstances.

After hearing that our clients needed more information on this subject we decided to make an e-book.

In this e-book we cover –

1 – Who are Mortgage Squared?
2 – How we can help.
3 – How it works.
4 – How much can I borrow?
5 – Forces Help to Buy Scheme overview.
6 – Military consent to Let – explained.
7 – Forces Protection.
8 – Future Accomodation Model overview.
9 – Organising your spending.
10 – Mortgage Squared Budget Planner.
11 – Professionally qualified military personnel.

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What is so special about forces mortgages?

The key factor to Army and Military mortgages is the lenders who offer specific criteria to accommodate specialist and often unique requirements.

For instance allowing:

  • military personnel to rent out their property on a standard residential mortgage.
  • Armed Forces stationed abroad to purchase in the UK.
  • the property to go unoccupied for periods.
  • those who serve to purchase overseas.


We can also help you with your insurance needs

You and your family need protecting, and life cover is essential to ensure your military mortgage is paid and family looked after financially should anything happen.

It’s important to get the proper advice when it comes to life insurance, as many policies don’t cover the armed forces in the event of death in the line of duty.

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We are currently working closely with a lender that will cover Army personnel so if you are after Protection then please contact us and we will give you competitive quotation.

Once you have a mortgage with the Army help to buy then we can make sure you get covered fast.


To download your free copy click HERE

If you would like to speak to an adviser about your options please ring – 08081 551 807






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