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Did you know Forces Compare is the UK’s first and only forces led insurance comparison site on the market?


The recently launched site is the brainchild of ex-para and ‘Fill Your Boots’ founder Alfie Usher. The brand’s innovative software and service offerings have been refined over the last year and finally launched this July.


The website allows users to compare hundreds of insurance policies within minutes. In addition to browsing a wide and comprehensive range of competitively priced deals for motor, home, and travel insurance, Forces Compare users can also peruse kit and contents deals, a service never before offered.


Although Alfie has strong military links and has been able to leverage special offerings for serving soldiers through his connections, the website is also a helpful tool for civilians.

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Anyone is eligible to try the software and are encouraged to not become complacent with their current provider and there renewed policies. On many occasions, customers settle for poor deals due to the chore that is exploring other options.


Now, with a great array of policies, providers and specialist businesses all in one place, with very little customer administration, browsing for a potentially better-suited alternative couldn’t be easier or quicker.

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