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Expanding your mind with the use of apps when searching for a property!

An expert at their craft doesn’t rely on their tools, and neither should you when searching for a property.

Nothing can replace hard work through researching the property and area you’re thinking of moving to. Having a few tricks up your sleeve, or downloaded to your phone or tablet, can still help a lot!

Let’s run through five top apps to make the property search process go as smoothly as possible –


1 – Rightmove App

If you’ve been on the property search for a little while now, chances are you’ve already heard of Rightmove!

Rightmove is the number one property website in the UK. With a comprehensive database of properties that allow you to see photos of the place, search specifically with key words, details, local amenities, shops and schools, the energy certificate, even in some cases virtual tours in 360 video so you can discover properties in cyberspace!!

Nothing replaces seeing a property in person. Photos may be bad quality and put people off! There may be information not in the bio like “oh yeah, a bit of the roof needs doing up”, but the information Rightmove gives you is staggering!

The only thing more incredible is this, saved properties and searches can be taken with you on your mobile and glanced at for reference at a moment’s notice!


2 – Zoopla App

Following up from Rightmove, you’ll probably have heard of Zoopla too! A very popular and comprehensive property search website, and also an app that you can use to browse saved properties, look at the local community with the flexible map features, and make sure that you’re full of property knowledge so there are no doubts in what you want to ask and discover during a viewing!

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The main feature that we quite like that Zoopla may have the advantage over Rightmove over are the option to limit your search to only the properties that include your key words (Rightmove shows all properties but indicates if they apply to your specific search).

This could be very useful to narrow things down, but really – download them both! Have a look at “On The Market” too – some properties may be listed on one site but not others. Knowledge is power!


3 – Google Maps App

Chances are you’ll know this one too – these tools are popular for a reason. If you’re using a device integrated with Google apps, chances are it’s already ready to go!

Google Maps is exactly as the name suggests. Maps… from Google! But there’s so much more to it than finding directions to your property viewing and saving the stress of getting lost on the way there and risking having less time to look around.

Google Maps can be your chance to see what’s in the local area.

Learn what’s in the local community.

Shops, schools, parks, cafes, restaurants, dentists, pubs.

If this is your first home and it’s in another neck of the woods you’re moving in to, you’ll want to know where the closest amenities are, and Google definitely delivers!

You can even drop down into street view and have a bit of a virtual wander around town inside your device!


4 – A Compass

This one’s a bit of a funny one given we’ve just suggested a map app. Why would a compass be important? You’re not an eccentric explorer with a big hat, heavy backpack and a monocle looking for a lost treasure in a dense jungle. Well, you might be, we don’t know and honestly well done if you are, watch out for boulders – but regardless a compass can still be very useful to you for a simple reason!

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When viewing each of the rooms, using a little pocket compass (and there are Many apps out there – pick your favourite one with good reviews) can help you work out how much light each room would get during the day!

Is the bedroom going to be bright first thing in the morning, or is it placed for a moderate amount of sun during the day? Will the bathroom be in the shade by evening or be brighter than the sun wearing a glitter jacket? With a handy little compass, you’ll be able to see East from West, sunrise way and sunset way, and have clarity on where the rooms are positioned.

Another useful use is in the garden, as properties with south and south west facing gardens tend to hold their value more than north facing gardens, as they’ll be getting more sun! Fantastic to know if you want to have a barbecue and enjoy the summer weather! And if the property has a north facing garden, this could be a point to bring up during negotiations if you like the place! The more you know, the better!


5 – Spotify App

We needed a wildcard in the list! It’s easy to list property apps, maps, little tools to make your life easier, but chances are there’ll be a lot going on in your first search for a property. It can be a stressful time for all involved!

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Things rarely happen overnight, and although your estate agents, friendly mortgage advisors, and eventually your lenders will of course help streamline the process – there’s still work to be done.

So why not add a soundtrack to your search – line up the 80s tunes and montage it up as you go out to find your dream home?!

Spotify is an extremely popular music streaming service, with over 25 MILLION downloads worldwide, it’s powering the music backdrop for many people’s lives. So why not yours? There’s a free version, or a paid version if you want to drop the ads, but give it a download! If Spotify’s not your cup of tea, then use other streaming services. iTunes and Apple music, YouTube music, there’s a world of music streaming platforms out there!

Bring a little song and dance into the process to de-stress and keep the motivation up as you search for the property that’s right for you!

And of course there are so many more apps that could be perfect for your needs on the property search.

Remember: take notes, ask questions and learn as much as you can, and use your device when you need it!

These are your tools to use as you see fit. So use them to help build your future, and keep on going!


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