First time buyers

Would you like your first mortgage?

Some people can feel very confused and overwhelmed when trying to navigate the mortgage industry. So many questions:

  • What type of mortgage can I have?
  • How big of a mortgage can I take out?
  • Can I afford my repayments?

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only questions first time buyers have to worry about. Thanks to steep property prices, many first-time buyers can only manage to save a small deposit to put down, which can restrict your mortgage options.

Here at Mortgage Squared we will take you through the mortgage application process from start to finish. Offering our friendly and knowledgeable expertise throughout your journey. We will offer our guidance as to which kind of first time buyer deal might suit you best, so that you can feel confident to finally climb the property ladder as painlessly as possible.

What can we help you with

  • Thinking about how big of a mortgage you can afford
  • Deciding on the best term of the mortgage
  • Getting a ‘mortgage in principle’
  • Stamp duty

Get in touch using the contact form below and our advisors will be in touch.

"I approached Simon at Mortgage Squared for a mortgage and I can't fault the experience one bit. He was polite, knowledgeable and extremely helpful from start to finish. We have also heard from Mortgage Squared recently to make sure everything is still satisfactory and whether we needed any other assistance. Very impressed."

Wayne Arkley