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Evictions are extended until the 23rd August 2020


The recent news for renters is that the government has extended the hold on all court action for evictions until the 23rd August 2020, this is irrespective of the grounds for possession relied upon. This comes after the original extension for 2 months in June.


If you are a landlord and are thinking about selling your property it would be good to consider holding off for another 6 months due to the property market still being uncertain. The government have stated that if you are still going to go ahead with selling your property then be aware that it is a lengthy process at the moment and should not be used as a quick fix or thought of as a quick sell.

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There are some local tenant groups that are campaigning for the recent changes to be extended beyond the summer to give renters more breathing space. One particular London based tenant group is urging the government to extend past August and into the autumn months.


It is opening the debate in some areas that tenants are being unfairly treated as in some cases renters pay up to 60% of their income towards renting.


Protection for renters has been an on going subject within the housing market. Since the lockdown there are millions of renters that becoming further and further behind on their rent. Obviously, the argument will be on both sides landlords and tenants are having an equally tough experience throughout this time.

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It is also quietly being unveiled by the government there will be new rules coming out going forward to make it more difficult for tenants to be evicted if their finances have been effected as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

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