Armed Forces Help To Buy

Working for the armed forces can be highly rewarding, you get to travel, learn and develop new skills and make new friends for life. However one down side is maybe your credit rating is affected by not being in the UK as much. This won’t become apparent until you apply for finance.  If you want to buy a property then you could make use of the armed forces help to buy which is a way to get help raising a decent deposit.

Using our services for Armed Forces Help To Buy Gives You:

  • 100% transparency at all times
  • Fast response to issues
  • Aftercare and support
  • Expert professional advice
  • Full market access with latest rates

Having a larger deposit means you all of a sudden get access to many more  lenders that previously you might not have due to a low deposit. So why should you get help? Well, moving around a lot and being based overseas can mean your credit rating isn’t high enough to get access to the lenders with the best rates. Tis means your repayments could be more then you can afford or should really pay. You should not be pu8nished for serving your country.

Armed Forces Help To BuySo the armed forces help to buy scheme can really help you in these situations. The more deposit you have the better chance of being accepted you have. Plus it keeps your monthly repayments down too and also shows potential lenders you are a financially viable proposition. We have worked with literally hundreds of applications for this and know all the ins and outs so we can put you in the best position possible going forward. We can guide you all the way from start to hopefully completion and ensure you know everything that’s going on at all stages.  Don’t just take for granted that you won’t be accepted as with the combined forces of the armed forces help to buy and our expert and professional services you could still get accepted and get that new home you have seen.

Things like being abroad for extended periods of time can affect your credit rating making it harder to get a mortgage.  We work with expert lenders who take into account your career and the fact it affects where you live.  They view each case on it’s own merits too meaning you might think you won’t qualify when in fact you will be accepted for armed forces help to buy.

You could be stationed abroad and be there for some years. For this reason some high street lenders might not look favorably at your circumstances if you apply for a mortgage which is where we can help. If you are considering buying a home, you will also need to speak to a mortgage specialist. Contact us on 08081 551 807 or email today to get free and impartial advice.