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When moving home, you would hope the people who are selling aren’t keeping things from you as to not putting you off.

We thought we would give you a heads up on the things that people are more likely to keep from you when selling their property.


Bad neighbours

Many homeowners sell their house and move on due to long standing disputes with neighbours or simply not getting on. The stress of having disputes with neighbours can not be underestimated. It might be a hard question to ask but we advise it is one of the questions you ask when viewing a property. Simply asking how are the neighbours could tell you a lot. Also pay attention to the general state of the gardens and surrounding areas.

Noise from school

Always make sure you do checks beforehand to see if there are any schools nearby.   Obviously when you do a home viewing you will be able to see any that are directly  next to the property but schools one street away could still create unwanted noise. Google maps will clearly show you and also local council searches. You could always ask too when viewing the new property.

Damp or mould

Always ask about any damp or mould in the first instance anyway, an honest seller will tell you. If there is a basement or unused rooms, ask to see them to see for yourself. Don’t just take the sellers word for it. If there is easy loft access then take a quick look too. Future surveys and conveyancing will highlight any issues hopefully but always best to directly ask during a viewing. Putting mould damage right can be very expensive.

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Building nearby

Nobody knows the future but you can see if there are any plans to build near your potential new home. There is nothing worse then buying a dream home with a lovely view for that view to be gone a few years later due to new buildings. Searches and surveys will throw up any planning permission applications and their status. If there is any spare land near the property you are viewing then it’s essential you look into this to make sure there are no plans passed to build there.

Local transport

If you intend to use public transport then you need to make sure it’s a reliable service. Do buses run ok in the winter and do taxis get to where the property is?  Also how regular are the buses and do they run until late in the evening? These factors depend on your own personal circumstances though.

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Structural issues

Again a survey and conveyancer will pick up any issues but it’s always worth asking the property seller direct when viewing a property. Some things you should be able to see as you view but there could be underlying issues not apparent. Always best to ask but always make sure the property seller knows you intend to have complete structural surveys carried out anyway so they know they can’t hide anything.

Wiring issues

Some buildings have an old infrastructure and this can include wiring. Whilst not the end of the world if it needs replacing it isn’t a cheap job.  Old wiring or wiring that can’t cope with modern day demands could be a pain causing frequent trips of the fuse or loss of power. Have a look at the plug sockets, are they old, if so then ask the owner about the wiring. This should, however be included in surveys you have completed on the property so any issues will become apparent.

Smells from drains

One tip is to take a drive to the property when it’s raining to check outside for any water issues like blocked drains, smells from sewers etc.  You don’t have to enter the property to do this, a simple drive past when it’s been raining heavily will give you an idea. Some new builds could have issues with drainage that don’t become apparent until lived in, so always be aware of this.

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Traffic Issues

Nothing is worse than your road becoming like a motorway due to the motorway itself closing and redirected traffic being sent where you live. Obviously this is rare and depends on where you live but if it’s near a main road or motorway and is a through road is there a risk of this.  Does your street get busy at school drop off and pick up times due to people parking there. Is there a general issue with parking and not enough slots for your street?  Things like this can quickly become stressful so always enquire about the traffic and parking when viewing a property.

Social Issues

The last thing you want is to move into your new home to find there are issues with local anti-social behaviour. Is there a pub nearby or night club? Maybe a local park that could attract unwanted visitors late at night.  Large groups of students living nearby? Always check there are no amenities nearby that could attract anti-social behaviour.


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